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PADtrack is a real federation allowing a direct relationship between Technicians and Content Creators. We simplify collaboration, access to the jobs, Marketing and administration in the Audiovisual Industry

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A tool created by Audiovisual Professionals, for Audiovisual Professionals

Customize your Landing Page

Create your own professional page with our customizable themes so that it matches your universe and personality as much as possible

Optimize your SEO and your Marketing

Gain visibility and digital marketing through our search engine optimizations and the ability to share your page on all major media

Build your Professional Network

Join a community of Audiovisual Professionals, build your network and create private forums to communicate with your contacts

Post and apply for jobs

Create or apply for freelance, permanent or fixed-term contracts, CDD or CDDU. Define your rules: remuneration, distance, type of contract, duration, remote working

Get paid fairly

Receive offers respecting the rules of remuneration of our industry. If you are a freelancer, get paid via the platform, in a few days only

Manage your administration and missions

Take advantage of your dashboard with all your statistics and, if you are a freelancer, create your contracts and invoices online

The link between Technicians and Project Owners, without intermediary

Technician working on a Console

Audiovisual Technicians

Create your profile, offer your services, be contacted by Content Creators or apply for offers, collaborate
Movie Crew

Production Teams

Staff your missing profiles, reinforce your team punctually, build a team for a particular project
Content Creator

Content Creators

Make your brief online, search or be contacted by Technicians, meet and produce your projects together

The Beta version will be released soon!

We are currently completing the development and testing of the platform

The beta version will allow us to collect your feedback and to develop PADtrack according to your needs

You'll love some of the features and not so much others! Or maybe you will miss some of them?

Based on your feedback, we will adapt PADtrack. And make it your tool for your daily work


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