Sticky Notes With Our Values

Our manifesto: putting people at the center of our business

We did not choose this image by chance. Most of these sticky notes represent values that are important to us and that we put into practice every day in our activity

Humanism, independence, community, power of ideas, passion and transparency are our watchwords

We advocate a humanistic approach


No stars with us! We work as a team, hand in hand, without any distinction or discrimination, in respect for the law and for each other. In all that we do, we aim for the common good

Social Responsibility

We attach great importance to being fair in our decisions, our actions and our remuneration. We believe that taking care of the Planet means taking care of its inhabitants

Make Sense

We start all our projects with Why. And we make sure that they will create an impact in their field. We value the artistic process and the meaning, more than the simple buzz

We are independent, but we like to play collectively

Movie Footage


Professional independence, financial independence, independence of thought. We remain free from trends, to other agencies, to our own staffing needs. We keep this freedom to be able to offer unique solutions to your unique needs.
Sound Console


Our business is based on a community. We believe in collective intelligence and that great works come from the collaboration between different profiles. Our community allows us to be flexible and multidisciplinary
Graphical Design


In our community, we stand in solidarity with each other. We fuel each other with energy, optimism, ideas and opportunities and we stick together in times of need

We have strong values that guide us every day

Humility et willpower

We do not promise to change the World or to revolutionize the Audiovisual sector. But we wish to contribute, at our level, with all of our best will, to make our projects, and yours, a success


We have convictions, we make decisions, and we stand by them. When we make a commitment, we follow through. As a company, we assume our social and environmental responsibility

Transparency et fairness

We believe that without transparency and fairness, there can be no trust. And it is thanks to mutual trust that our projects will become human adventures and achieve success

We have a triple impact mission

Professional Studio


We want to provide audiovisual services of the best quality at the best price and make the highest standards of production accessible to the greatest number of people
Happy Photographer


We want to help professionals in the cultural and audiovisual sectors to get more jobs, increase their revenues and profitability, as well as to facilitate their marketing and administration
Sustainable Development


want to help Culture play a leading role in building a more sustainable, joyful, fun, beautiful and vibrant World

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