We are creating the wider Audiovisual Professionals Collective

All skills, all jobs. All the Technicians, all the Content Creators. We want to federate the Audiovisual professionals for more collaboration, emulsion, activity, visibility. For more Culture.

Audiovisual Crew

PADtrack is the social, marketing and business platform for Audiovisual Professionals

We have a network, and we want to open it to create the largest Audiovisual community in France

We want to federate and facilitate access to audiovisual jobs, help Content Creators and Technicians meet together, without any intermediary

Technicians, find your next job

Join the PADtrack community and access our members' project or job offers. Define your conditions, negotiate your rates, arrange your schedule, collaborate and get paid in 48h once the service is finished. All this, without intermediary.

Get rid of the intermediaries between the Project owners and you

Find more jobs

Receive proposals from our members and access all the projects available on PADtrack and matching your profile

Get more flexible

Define your conditions in the platform and propose your personalized price lists by type of mission

Speed up your payments

Set your daily rate and your negotiation margins freely and known only to PADtrack. And be paid in 48 hours.

Content creators, gain access to the very best of Production

Make your briefs online and get in touch with the best technicians without the hassle of social media. Rent the equipment you need, propose or join committed projects. Produce your ideas, simply.

Easily meet the best Talents

Translate your requirement

Save time and accuracy in your discussions with technicians with our technical translation assistance forms

Find your Technician

Make your brief online, indicate your dates and find the technicians that best fit your needs and availability

Manage your budget

Benefit from transparent pricing, known in advance and without surprises. On PADtrack, everything is at the fair price

The Beta version will be released soon!

We are currently completing the development and testing of the platform

The beta version will allow us to collect your feedback and to develop PADtrack according to your needs

You'll love some of the features and not so much others! Or maybe you will miss some of them?

Based on your feedback, we will adapt PADtrack. And make it your tool for your daily work


Would you like to join PADtrack?