We provide solutions to Cultural and Audiovisual Professionals to increase their number of missions, their revenues and facilitate their legal and administrative procedures.

Our first product, PADtrack, is a community allowing sound, video and video game technicians to offer their skills, to make their work equipment profitable through its rental and to benefit from legal and administrative assistance.

We help cultural professionals transform the digitalization of their activity into opportunities.

The Cultural Industry gets digital

We are facing the digitalization of creative and cultural professions.

In both production and access, our industry is transforming to enable digital broadcasting, but also to aim for efficiency gains to do more and more, better and better, with less and less.

We have multidisciplinary teams

We rely on the pluridisciplinarity of our teams.

Our teams combine expertise in creative and cultural professions with experience in digital, entrepreneurship and business management. We take the best of this addition to put it at your service.

Turn transformation into opportunities

To generate opportunities from this transformation.

We use this forced digitization to build relevant solutions allowing you to increase your visibility, generate more missions and revenues and be more autonomous from the CDDU.

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