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Ourio is a human adventure

Our Founders

Victor and Arnaud created OURIO in November 2020, with the conviction that a digital community of audiovisual professionals would simplify the relationship between Technicians and Content Creators

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  • Victor Ouvrard

    Victor Ouvrard

    President & CPO

    Victor holds a degree in Private Law and graduated from ESRA. He has 10 years of experience as a Radio Producer, notably at Radio France and RFI. He also works as a Sound Engineer and Video / Television Director, with a strong expertise in live performances

  • Arnaud Rioche

    Arnaud Rioche


    Arnaud is a graduate of ESSCA and EDHEC. He has 20 years of experience in Management, Technology and Digital strategy, mainly in large groups, and is an Entrepreneur since January 2020

It all started with a coding bootcamp

Le Wagon

A Wagon

Each convinced that launching activities with a Tech component required advanced coding skills, Victor and Arnaud attended Le Wagon Paris' Batch#250 and met there. The adventure began.


Their first practical project at Le Wagon was to develop a mini website. They built a social network for penguins. How did this idea come about? Uh... not sure, actually! But the Penguin became our mascot.
PADtrack by Ourio

A Project

As a final capstone project, Victor proposed to Arnaud to develop Maanaz, a community of audiovisual professionals. After a good success at the Demo Day, some discussions after Le Wagon, and a change of name, PADtrack was born.

Resilience and determination

Fuck Covid


We did not want to delay the creation of OURIO because of the pandemic. On the contrary, it reinforced our idea of playing together and building our platform. We got slowed down, but we kept intact our motivation to make an impact in our industry.

Moving forward

From the need to ensure the financial independence of our company, we saw an opportunity to create our Consulting and Agency offers based on our network and to test, in real conditions, our project of Audiovisual Experts Collective. And we became sure of us: together we are stronger
Working on a Laptop


We have observed, discussed with Content Creators, with Technicians, and experienced the problems of our industry. We have been confronted with the necessary digitalization of our businesses. We have learned and we are using this to build THE platform for Audiovisual Professionals.

Today, Ourio is:

A community

We are creating the largest community of Audiovisual Professionals, with all the tools to help you

A Consulting Firm

We are the first consulting firm in studio and audiovisual process optimization

An Agency

We are a group of professionals in the audiovisual industry at the service of all your projects, from A to Z

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